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Glessner Promo

We’re expanding! Here’s a promo video I shot for Glessner Protective Services.

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Bowman Wedding

I ended up getting this wedding through a relative of a friend. I talked to Brittany just a handful of times on the phone but from the moment I walked into her parent’s house where the wedding was being hosted, I was treated like family. The location was in Tom’s Brook, VA on the river. The venue was picture perfect and the day started out beautiful. Unfortunately the the clouds rolled in followed by thunder, lightning, and rain. Every one was checking the weather and worrying if it was going to stick around, fortunately right before the ceremony was about to begin, the rain stopped and it turned out to be a amazing, but although humid day. This post however ends on a low note though. A few months ago while scrolling through Facebook I saw a post with a photo I had taken of this gentleman:

This is Jason, John’s best man. He passed away in a motorcycle accident. This made me think that although I like being behind the camera and not in front of it, I’ll still grin and bare it. Just remember that a photo may be all your loved ones have to remember you by one day. Rest in peace Jason.

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Happy Birthday HD!

Edit: At this time it looks like I’m having trouble getting right click save enabled on the website for the slideshows. I’ll keep working on it, but until then the photos can be saved from the Digital Room Studios Facebook page. If you don’t have access to Facebook, e-mail me at and I’ll get your photos to you. Prints can also be order and mailed. If you want a physical print of your photo, e-mail me and I’ll send you my print prices. Digital Room Studios Facebook Page


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


I had the pleasure to shoot HD’s Birthday party at his business Dub V Pub for the fourth year in a row. It’s always a fun time with great people. I’d also like to congratulate him on opening Boyd’s Steak House in downtown Martinsburg this year. Keep up the good work!



And don’t forget the photo booth photos.


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Smith Reception

Here’s a throw back from the Smith reception I shot in August of 2013. Desiree and Chris Smith were friends of mine that I knew from my term at Shepherd college. They got married when Chris enlisted in the military before moving to California. The two decided to have a reception for their friends and family on the East Coast upon their return so everyone could join in celebrating their marriage. This was one of the first “weddings” I photographed and was a very fun and eye opening experience. I’d like to publicly thank them for giving me the opportunity to help get some much needed experience in the field.


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Nichols Wedding

First of all, I’d like to say congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Breyn Nichols. I had the pleasure of shooting their wedding on October 11th. It was a rainy morning that cleared to a cool overcast day and although most people would prefer sunny skies, the overcast skies make for amazing photos without needing all the extra lighting. It’s like shooting with a giant soft box. The wedding was held at a farm owned by a friend of the groom which ended up being the perfect backdrop for the wedding. The setting and decorations were perfect and made for a great day for the wedding as well as a great day for photography.

Of course, I brought all the heavy duty gear along just incase, but I was so glad that I only had to lug around a 30+lb camera bag instead of a 30+lb camera bag, a 50lb bag of lights, a 10lb battery, and all the necessary modifiers needed to combat the harsh sun from a sunny sky. All in all, I hope I have more weddings that are as fun and easy to shoot as this day was. I’m also posting a little out of order, so I’ll save the funny observation for the next post on the wedding I did several weeks earlier that had very similar conditions.

In closing, I hope you guys enjoy the photos and I wish you many, many happy years together.

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Brian & Breyn’s engagement shoot

Not every shoot is a perfect shoot but with good clients and a positive outlook, you can make the best out of any situation. Unfortunately our original shoot date was set for what would be a beautiful evening, but due to unforeseen sickness we had to reschedule. The Friday we were supposed to shoot had nice mid to upper 70F temperatures and a clear day. We settled on shooting the following Sunday evening and as those that live in the lower portion of the Northeast know that September weather can vary wildly.

The following Sunday the temperature topped 90F and the humidity seemed to be at least eleventy-billion percent. Despite the high temperatures and outrageous humidity we went through with the shoot and got what I think are some good photos. My clients were happy with them and they got photos of the whole family. I’m looking forward to shooting their Wedding in October. Hopefully the weather is on our side for that day.

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